Salt Therapy for Natural Healing

Ancient Ayurvedic and yogic cultures of India and the traditional Turkish cultures have used salt therapy for centuries.

Not so far back though I have a memory of a strapping young lad forcing me to gargle salt water while I gagged. We’d woken at 5.30am to milk the cows and 16 year-old me had tonsils as big as the swollen udders of the cows.

A much younger hubs with his fiery red hair and gentle nature, nearly had to pin me down to get me to gargle the salty mix he’d concocted.

I don’t know if it was his intuition to use this ancient therapy to clear my congestion and temper my fever or if it was just that he was taking care of me – but it worked. I thawed out in front of the wood fire while he went and milked the cows himself (he was as sick as I was).

Years later I have immersed myself in salt therapy to heal many of my autoimmune issues. Sinusitis, tonsillitis, migraines, skin psoriasis, lichen sclorosis, sluggish liver and heavy metal poisoning are all targeted with the following list of salt techniques (any ailments you have could also be helped with salt therapy). I use at least one of these techniques daily.

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Sensory Deprivation Immersion tanks.

Swimming in the ocean.

Floating in natural springs.

Foot bath in a Himalayan salt scrub.

Epsom salts bath.

Halotherapy salt inhaler.

Himalayan salt lamps.

Magnesium oil, homemade.

Himalayan salt, sea salt and seaweed salt in the diet and gargling them concentrated in water.

Salt and fresh lemon water in the morning.

Steam bath on face to inhale the salty steam.

Face scrub with rough salt and olive oil to remove dead skin and detox pores.

Himalayan soap in the shower.

Turkish steam bath with salty water – out with the toxins through sweat then replenishing the electrolytes and trace minerals through exfoliation with the salty water.

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