Rafiki Reiki


Rafiki means friend.

Today my baby sister Beth and I had a reiki treatment from her beautiful rafiki, Kerri. Kerri has opened a day spa in Bibra Lake. New Leaf. (What a beautiful name). It was her first day and she shared it with us in a grounding, centering wellness treatment.

Reiki is a deeply healing, meditative body treatment that works on balancing the energy channels in the body with light, nurturing touch. This Japanese Buddhist therapy is thought to activate the natural healing processes in the body, creating emotional and physical well- being. After all, we are not born broken. Our body knows how to heal and has inbuilt systems to achieve this. We often don’t pause and rest for long enough for these to kick in. Self-care activities like booking in for body work treatments can stimulate this healing process in a psychological and physical way. Telling your body and mind you care about them is important in this process and booking “me time” is vital.


Reiki therapy for stress reduction and relaxation is a great choice. I was skeptical of it before I tried it. It seemed too “woo woo” for me. But I will always try a wellness treatment once. And oh how wrong I was.

For me, it felt like a warmth radiated just above my body (like a really warm tingle) and then seeped into my body. Reiki energy encourages you to let go of all tension and negative mind states until deep peace and well-being is experienced. When I walked out I felt a bit like I was floating rather than walking, I felt refreshed and positive.

We often hold emotional pain or anxiety in our physical body.

During the reiki treatment I had a sharp pain in my throat when Kerri touched the left side of my body. My first thought was “oh shit I’m getting a cold.” Then my next thought was “no wait, I never get colds” – my immune system is as tough as an African water buffalo (working with snotty nosed beautiful children boosts my immunity). So then I thought, “what was my thought? What was I thinking about when the pain came?” But it wasn’t exactly a thought, it was more a feeling. I had to explore the deeper meaning underlying that feeling to see what that feeling had triggered.

While I was laying on the massage table, I had the feeling I was in Adelaide (I am in Perth). Something about the day spa reminded me of Adelaide. Then I thought “if I was in Adelaide I would be with my best friend.” My rafiki. I haven’t visited or contacted him this year. That was the deeper meaning. Guilt and hurt.

Last year on my birthday my FIL died. Rafiki wasn’t there for me during the years when FIL was getting sicker and sicker and my days became consumed with growing an incredible love for three teenagers that were not my own but somehow became my own. He certainly wasn’t there for me after it all.

Rafiki liked me to come to Adelaide and stay with him. I was good with getting along with people and so was a nice addition to his social events. I was helpful to talk to on the phone for hours and hours a night when he nearly lost his career a couple of times. That was before cancer crept into my world.

That is all okay. I have beautiful memories. I will love my rafiki for the rest of my life, doesn’t mean I need to like him right now. Acceptance and peace.

When I had the feeling that I was in Adelaide I felt pain because I knew I wasn’t in Adelaide.

I let go of it all as the warmth from Kerry’s hands radiated across my skin. The pain in my throat vanished.



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