it’s the simple things in life


It’s the simple things.

A hug from a loved one. A warm pair of socks straight out of the clothes dryer. Morning meditation. A moonlit walk with the puppy. Floorbed Sunday (mattress on the lounge floor in front of the fire with hubs and the cats and a movie). Taking a moment before slipping off to sleep to acknowledge three things to be grateful for that day.

A crazy plunge into the cold sea.

My friend sent me a message this morning.

“Time for a quick dip?” I was sitting in my back room working. My back room faces out over my backyard. My backyard was being watered. By the sky. It was raining! So naturally, I replied “Absolutely!”

So we stripped off and ran, literally squealing, into the cold ocean. It shocked her headache into submission. Released our tension. Allowed the anxiety to flush from her pores. This incredible woman floating peacefully beside me. Who I couldn’t drag into the ocean this time last year, who has overcome the worst of it and much more. I felt the cold on my outsides. But I felt my pride well up on my insides and spill out into the sea as we swam. She will be okay. She will always be okay. But more than that – she will be amazing.

Take every opportunity to expand your world and in doing so let it slow. You may think by taking on more things that you will be making your life too busy, but it’s in these spaces between where your life can become mindful and peaceful. Add more to feel more, add more to be less.

Big love to all my little people,


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