Stealth Health Mode – getting your teen to be the awesome person you know they are


I just finished an awesome session with one of my teens. This beautiful teen has a crappy home life. We could have focused on that, got really depressed about it and made a list of all the things she would need to change before she could be happy. If we wrote that list we’d soon have realised that we couldn’t actually change anything on that list. 

Instead, I taught her that happiness does not depend on how others treat us. Truly it does not. It depends on how we react to life’s little (big?) bumps. 

We discussed how she had tried to show her family how she felt for years but her depression never spurred them to action. So we decided together that we weren’t going to try to spur other people into action anymore. We were going to protect our own health and happiness. Right now. 

She made a list of things she values in life and then a list of ways that she would need to act to protect those things she values. Then we made a pact. That we would stop letting our thoughts and feelings squish our soul. We are not our thoughts and feelings. We will be what our soul wants us to be. 

And then I thought of all of you. Out there struggling with your own stuff. So here is our Plan of Attack, you can download it for free for your own teen monsters (angels?) and get them to make their own pact. Change around the values to suit your situation, it’s my gift to you from The Tree House Community on this lovely Friday afternoon. Come hang out with us wherever you happen to be in the cyber-world. 

Stealth Health Mode 

Keep on keeping on beautiful people.

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