Step-by-Step Guide for Kombucha Tea – A Healthful Probiotic Drink

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If you’ve recently found things on your plate that you didn’t ever think you’d be eating, then you may be swept up in the newest craze. There’s something different about this bandwagon though. It is driven by young, vibrant twenty-something’s with clear skin, shiny hair and toned bodies smiling in the front seat while Stand-up Paddle Boards bump along on the roof. The back is full of crates of whole foods, a rainbow of vegetables, fruit, grass-fed meat and cans of coconut milk. You may hear the rattle of mismatched bottles and jars clinking together as you jump aboard.

This new craze is not about wearing the best new fashion line. It’s not about shaming people online. It’s not about boy bands or loom bands.

It’s about health. And you can’t help but get involved. Soon you’ll be hash-tagging all your Instagram photos with #cleaneating.

Now that you’re settled in the back of the health kombi van between a yoga mat and an aqua green bike with tiny jars of essential oils and The Ancestral Table cookbook in a wicker basket on the front, chatting away to likeminded people as Jack Johnson blares out of the radio, you realise that you could stay here a long time. It’s sustainable. It’s not difficult to eat food that is real food and it requires little preparation. It’s not like the other fad diets that you’ve done because people have been eating this way for centuries. But that’s not it really. It’s how great you feel. Not just your body – your body glows and you find yourself more productive and energetic than ever – but your mind is clearer and your mood is better. But that’s not really it. It’s that the other people in the van are awesomely fun and incredibly kind people.

Once you start nourishing your body with whole foods, you realise that you’ve got so much more to give back to other people. The health movement encourages gratitude and mindfulness and this creates connections with other people that are more meaningful than before.

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Now you know you’re around for the long haul, reach into the back of the van and grab out that mysterious bottle with the hand scrawled label.

Crack open the top and notice the satisfying hiss as the air is released. Take a mindful sip. A slightly bitter taste cuts through the sweetness while the fizz gives you an instant buzz.


This probiotic drink is your next health adventure. You can brew it super easily at home.

To start off you will need to order a SCOBY starter online to get your bugs a-brewing. Otherwise, find someone close by that has one you can take (once you have one they multiply like crazy so people are willing to give them away).

My beautiful, creative Aunty Shorty brews a heap of different flavoured kombucha – my fave is lemongrass and ginger. She has been generous enough to create a PDF recipe for us at The Tree House Community.

Download it, print it, wipe your toned butt with it – whatever floats your boat.

Kombucha Tea Steps by Rhonda Coffey

Happy brewing!

Thanks Aunty Shorty, love you long time.

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