Hello Spring! Hello Hayfever!

Hello Spring you Beautiful Bastard. Hello there Hayfever you Cheeky Bastard.


With the arrival of blossoming flowers of bright colours and pale hues, some of us get that familiar itch. Red, weeping eyes, irritated nose, itchy throat. Hayfever season is here.

I haven’t suffered from hayfever the last couple of seasons because my immune system was in harmony with my environment (I assume from eating a whole foods Paleo diet and living as clean as possible by reducing my exposure to toxins).

But this year I’ve found myself working even longer hours than usual – the steady tidal flow of referrals has turned into a tsunami and my doctoral To Do list is bulging with obese proportions – my body is under pressure. I let the itch creep back in. Perhaps I was complacent. Perhaps I had amnesia about how truly terrible hayfever is.

I’ve tried all the medications years ago (much to my hesitation but on the insistence of my husband to just give it a go among my misery). Nothing even scratched the surface. Pills don’t go down well for me, metaphorically.

On Saturday I found myself a mess. I was half way through a session with a family and all of a sudden I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t pull myself together. My eyes welled up, my nose spurted uncontrollably, my throat swelled and words were caught in a cough. Not a pretty sight. And totally not therapeutic nor professional.


So the little aromatherapist standing next to her massage table in the back of my mind rallied up the little scientist working away in the lab of my mind, whispering a seed of an idea “essential oils”. The little scientist did some research and set up an experiment.

Lavender is calming for the nervous system and peppermint is a stimulating, energetic oil. My hypothesis? A blend of these could produce a calming effect on the horrible itching while stimulating the energy needed to get through.

I put a few drops of lavender doterra essential oil onto a hanky and sniffed it all day. With the peppermint I used a cotton bud to rub the oil onto the back of my throat near my tonsils. The dripping nose stopped immediately. The itching throat was more resistant. Throughout the day I used a mixture of coconut oil and cinnamon oil (or mix the coconut oil with cinnamon powder) to soothe my throat – both oils are antimicrobial.

The oils must be pure and therapeutic grade.

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