banana pancakes to keep your insides clean, your outsides glowing, your heart happy, your mind smiling, and your gut full of rainbows.

This week’s Sunday Random Recipe Experiment (sorry it has been slow in hitting the press!) was super simple, super clean and super yummy. These pancakes are healthy enough to have for any meal of the day and will leave you full and your tastebuds perfectly satisfied. Unless your tastebuds are dumb, in which case God help you. Remember to fuel your body with all the colours of the rainbow every day (and I don’t mean Skittles…sorry).

I modified the new clean craze two ingredient pancakes (banana and eggs) by adding some extra superfoods to these dairy-free, gluten-free breakfast delights! Feeding the mind with these healthy GF recipes that are substitutes for childhood favourites (who doesn’t have a good family memory involving pancakes?!), helps to keep emotional cravings at bay. The gut loves these GF substitutes because unlike their packaged counterparts sitting pretty on supermarket shelves, these babies are not full of junk!

2 bananas
3 eggs
1 tsp almond spread
1 tbsp of chia seeds
Coconut oil for the pan

Strawberries, berries, organic maple syrup, cinnamon and organic coconut yoghurt (coyo) for the topping.

Can also make a chocolate sauce using melted cacao butter mixed with enough maca to make your desired thickness.

Simply mash the banana, add the beaten eggs, almond spread and chia seeds and mix really well (blending or beating if needed). Add coconut oil to a pan (avoid Teflon/non-stick if you want smiling insides) and spoon in the mixture to the size you desire. Flip then add the toppings you want!


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