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Steve Biddulph

Raising Girls

This is the next instalment of the easy-to-read parenting “manuals” from one of our favourite parenting authors. If you are a parent of a baby, kid or teen (or ten) Steve’s books are a must-read.

Let the Children Play

Reasons Why We Should Let Children Play in the Mud!

Playing in the mud has health, psychological, cognitive, sensory, social and pure fun benefits!

Janet Lansbury

The Key To Your Child’s Heart

Acknowledge them. This is one of the first things I tell parents who are struggling with their child’s behaviour and emotional outbursts. If they are reacting emotionally they won’t be able to listen to your logic. It’s not that they just don’t want to listen, they can’t. Their brain is in fight or flight, it can’t access the front part of the brain that allows rational thinking to occur. This is the hard part, because you are the rational adult you need to bypass the thoughts that pop up at this point “he’s being ridiculous. She’s being a brat. She needs to cut it out. He needs to listen to me! I’m a bad parent if I don’t get him to learn from this.” No learning will happen at this point. I usually then discuss with mum or dad whether yelling at their littlie or shaming them during the incident has worked to reduce the behaviour. Almost always the answer is no, otherwise they wouldn’t be sitting in my colourful therapy room asking for my help.

Calm them first and teach/negotiate/discuss later. Acknowledge how they feel, tell them you can understand why they’d feel this way, reach out a hand or enclose them in a hug as they tell you how their life is ruined because you didn’t get them that chocolate. Once they are calm you can then enquire was there a better way of reacting? Was it the end of the world or did we all survived the incident? What can we do now to make this better? 

Dr Payne Bryson & Dr Siegel

Whole Brain Child

I love this book! I searched for it in iBooks and it magically appeared on my iPad. Perfect. It follows nicely from the above blog post. Appeal to the emotional brain first and then hit them with logic.

Health and Nutrition

My Health List

Benefits of Banana

Why is banana one of the best things you could chomp on today? Have a read :)

13 Things To Do With Chia Seeds

Trying to sneak omega healthy fats into your daily diet? Find out how you can add Chia seeds to almost anything! I shove a big handful into my banana smoothie every morning and add hemp-seed oil, sunflower seeds and magnesium to get a balance of omega-3 & omega-6 which is important but not often known. Uber-health nuts (see what I did there?) will get an abundance of 3 but often not 6. Are You Getting Too Much of a Good Fat? I can’t rave enough about avocado either, but that’s getting off topic!


Flappiness Is

If You Were Cured Tomorrow

People ask me all the time, what do I think about curing autism? I couldn’t say it better than this mum.

Paula Tazzyman, Nutritionist

What is A2 Milk? Is there benefits for Autism?

Paula suggests that, although there is no evidence to support A2 milk with ASD yet, families may like to trial this milk with their smallies on the spectrum before investing in the full gluten-free, casein-free diet.

A Quiet Week

Accepting Emotional Regulation

This is a great insight into the emotional rollercoaster over the spectrum rainbow.


Dr Russ Harris

Confidence From an Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Perspective

This video is a great intro to mindfulness and its use for anxiety.

Mindful May

What is Mindfulness?

Cheeky! I need to sneak this one in (it’s mine :O) because it is an introduction to mindfulness just in time for Mindful May. Follow Mindful May on my Facebook page to get involved in the daily challenge.

That’s the rap-up for the week kids!

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