best four minute four ingredient healthy dessert?

Is this one of my tastiest I-don’t-have-time-to-scratch-my-butt Paleo dessert? You betcha!

I’m in the habit of creating three minute desserts (and meals to be honest). Because of the 100,000 word doctoral thesis. And the travelling ten hours to do research. And my full-time patient load in my little home town. Oh and this darn blog thing I’m doing. And the kids. And the animals. And my massage clients. Etc. Etc. It only leaves brief moments for creative genius in the kitchen. Preparation is key. At the very least I always have chopped up frozen banana in my freezer for moments of absolute dire diet crisis AKA I’m on my way home from work and have a case of the Hangry Beast.

The best thing? This cup of goopy heaven is actually at least eight desserts – it is so rich and satiating that you only need a spoonful or two. When I shove my (soup) spoon into the cup I get the excited feeling I used to get when I’d sneak into the cupboard and eat Nutella from the jar – except this is guilt free!

Because it is full of nutrients and superfoods, even with a small serving the body is happy as a pile of rainbow coloured kittens. Whereas if you dive into a jar of Nutella or peanut butter, you’ll find yourself needing an oxygen tank and dive mask because you’ll be going back again and again until the body feels like you’ve given it enough of what it needs (hint: it will NEVER find what it needs in those jars). The signal to eat will keep grinding away no matter how “full” you are – Google “empty calories” and you’ll get the gist.

Once you add these quick and dirty meals (quick and clean?) into your life, you’ll stop feeling restricted and deprived and won’t find yourself indulging in other nasties (don’t tell me you’ve never had to dust yourself off after falling face first into a plate full of Boston bun).

So how do you improve your life? I mean, how do you make this yumptious dessert?

Blend up two to three very ripe bananas (mine were frozen then thawed out a bit) with two tablespoons of raw cacao (put less of this superfood in if you don’t want the chocolate flavour to be very rich).

Plonk two tablespoons of almond butter on top and sprinkle with organic raw cacao nibs (you should find these in your health food shop or online at Loving Earth). You can get almond butter in the health food section of your supermarket or blend up some almonds and make your own (keep blending until a buttery consistency is flying wildly around your food processor).

Store in fridge or freezer – whatever twangs your taste buds.

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