Crystal Cupcakes – gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, guilt-free 


I’ve named these little babies Crystal Cupcakes because of the way the coconut oil crystallises into an amazing texture. These take a few minutes to make and are always a hit with guests (but they are never the same twice because I tend to just grab handfuls of whatever nuts I have in the cupboard). No gluten, no dairy, natural sweetness, and no fuss! I usually press this muesli-type mixture into a slice tin and serve as wedges of slice but I wanted cupcakes today. As a psychologist I know how to trick my mind into enjoying my food more based on what my body wants. So if I want cupcakes I shove all my clean foods into patty pans and they taste heaps more fun than normal! If I want chips I cut something awesomely nutritious into chip sized chunks and voila! Chippies!

Ok. Chuck into a bowl:
A cup of chopped dates
Cup of chopped dried apricots
Handful of cranberries
Handful of chia seeds
Handful of sunflower seeds
Handful of pumpkin seeds
Quarter cup of almonds
Quarter cup of macadamias
Cup of shredded coconut
Quarter cup of sesame seeds

Heat a cup of coconut oil and quarter cup of honey on the stove until it melts and starts to bubble

Mix in with the nuts and fruit

Press into patty pans

Freeze for half an hour while baking strips of pear in cinnamon in the oven

Add pear and a blueberry to the top of each, smile and serve.



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