Dairy-free Vanilla Mousse – another paleo dessert with hidden avocado


Refreshing and healthy, this mousse is the perfect treat for fussy kids and adults who don’t love the superfood avocado (yes, these people exist. I know right.)

No added sugar, just the natural sweetness of fresh bananas. If you want a sweeter and more antioxidant rich mousse, leave the bananas until they are very ripe – once black spots start to appear the cancer fighting chemicals in a banana have increased their ability to ward off nasties in your body.

If you want to add dates or honey you would boost the natural sweetness of this dessert even more.

Hiding avocado in desserts has become my newest favourite mission to help you and your kids eat healthier.

I created this mousse with half a can of organic coconut cream, one banana, one avocado, sprinkle of Himalayan salt, and a tbsp of organic vanilla bean paste. Blend and keep refrigerated to create a pudding consistency.

Serve topped with bee pollen. These little babies are highly nutrient-dense and protein-packed. They have the most complete nutrient profile of any food, if we were bees we could live solely off their goodness!

You can use this as an ice-cream with other paleo treats or just as it is.


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