day thirteen of the green spring cleen – detoxifying the lymphatic system


Welcome to the end of Week Two, the Body Rawification phase of the Green Spring Cleen.

Day Thirteen of our October Overhaul detox challenge requires some more explaining than other days. So hence a longer post and longer instructions in preparation for detoxing the lymphatic system…

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Day 13 – Take the opportunity this Sunday to do a more intensive body detox for your lymph system.

Our wonderful lymphatic system does a truly amazing job at sweeping through our body and collecting the junk that we ingest from our environment. But with more and more toxic materials sneaking into our lives, it has an uphill battle. We have done a great job so far of ridding some of these toxins from our little worlds but we can also help the lymph system with some simple detox techniques to work from the inside out. The lymph system works through eliminating nasties in our sweat, urine and bowel movements. We have been drinking more filtered water (I hope!) and we will be working on digestive detoxing at the end of the month, so today we will massage out the bad guys!

Start with some yoga. I love YogaDowload for quick (20 minute), FREE yoga classes. Search for yogadownload in your podcast app or download the Qi and detox classes. Do a longer session today (90 minutes to really get the body sweating and lymph moving: try Elsie’s Yoga Kula podcast for longer sessions or simply listen to a few of the detox yogadownload sessions)

Before your shower try one (or all!) of these lymphatic drainage massage techniques:

Dry Brushing – use a soft bristled brush to sweep across the skin repetitively, exfoliating the skin and detoxing the surface of your body.

Hot Toweling – run a face washer or small towel under hot water as hot as you can stand and then rub it rapidly over your body, heating up the skin, allowing the blood vessels to dilate (and mostly it just leaves you feeling awesome and refreshed)

Lymph Massage – If you know which sections to clear first you can give yourself a full-body, mini lymphatic drainage massage (using your hands or the dry brush) OR squeegee the limbs starting by squeezing closest to your heart and moving outwards (wrap your hand around your arm or leg and squeeze and push the skin slightly upwards towards the heart)

I have posted a video tutorial on YouTube to show you these techniques.

For the last couple of minutes of your shower transition into cold water to boost circulation

Get to the chemist or health food shop and buy some ear candles then schmooze your partner or a buddy into cleansing your ears for you!

Walking is brilliant for moving lymph through the joints, make sure you have at least one walk today

Some time today make sure you squeeze in this quick lymph drainage technique:

Sit on a bench with legs dangling for two minutes (sitting high enough to allow your feet to be hanging off the floor). Follow this very swiftly with an L-shape at the wall for two minutes (get down and place your bum against the wall and lift your legs up to rest against the wall). Repeat two to three times to get the lymph fluid moving around the body, assisting detoxification. If this makes you light headed because you have trouble with blood pressure, do a downward dog for a short time or a ragdoll pose with your feet hip width apart, bending at your hips and letting your head and arms flop down towards the ground.

Have a sauna again if you can today

Make plans today to book a detox treat: a lymphatic drainage massage or acupuncture, or even a remedial or relaxation massage will move toxins through the body. This is an important part of the challenge and shouldn’t be done with any guilt!

Before bed have a detox bath. I use:

2 cups Epsom salts

1 cup bicarbonate soda

5ish drops of oil (eucalyptus for a detox, rosemary for lymph drainage)

A sprinkle of ginger

1 cup apple cider vinegar

*I probably do one of these baths once a month, and a simple Epsom salts bath at least 3 times a week with just 1 cup of salts

**I can’t remember who I learnt this off, so I’m sorry for not giving credit…I appreciate you whoever you are!

After the bath try this technique (this may be one of the best techniques for detoxing the liver and internal organs, do this for the next four nights):

Castor oil pack – 

Using certified organic, cold-pressed castor oil fill the bottom of a bowl and add some essential oils if you’d like (rosemary, geranium, lemon, or mandarin are good)

Add a cloth (that you don’t mind disposing off after a few uses as castor oil stains) and squeeze it into the oil, completely covering the cloth

Place the cloth across your abdomen (making sure it covers under the right rib area where your liver sits)

Put some cling wrap or plastic over top if you don’t want to stain anything (I usually just use an old tea towel), place another larger towel over the plastic and then a heat pack or hot water bottle over this

Leave on for 30-60 minutes (or through the night!) and relax (meditate or watch TV or read – I think you can guess which one I’d be encouraging you to do! Check out for some free recordings to get you started)

Then USE YOUR SLEEP ROUTINE THAT YOU CREATED THIS WEEK TO CHILL OUT AND SLEEP LIKE A BABY ANGEL. That’s like double bloody peaceful. Check out Day 10 of the October Overhaul Green Spring Cleen challenge on Facebook for info on the sleep challenge.

Stay Zen, Stay Healthful, Stay You

xx Laura-lou xx

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