Deeply Sleeping


I slept more deeply and dreamed more vividly than I have in years last night. I slept fully until the naughty sun was squeezing through the gaps in my wooden blinds in the morning.

Only one thing had changed. I put a spider plant on my bedside table next to my head to improve the air quality in my room.

My plant and I breathed together in simpatico all night. It taking what I didn’t need and using it for what it needed, me greedily taking what it generously provides me that I cannot make myself, while taking from the air what I definitely don’t need in my body.

I’m going to write all about the jungle in my house and how it protects my health later but for now I was just excited to tell you how well I slept last night.

Big love, awesome dreams.

Random Post Scriptum: I love spiders so the plant intrigued me a lot. I say sorry when I accidentally walk through a spider web because they spend so many hours weaving the most incredible intricate patterns with silky string and I can’t even fathom that a tiny creature can do that.

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