detox your kitchen: the hidden nasty chemicals in your world

Green Spring Cleen

Day Four of our Green Spring Cleen October Overhaul detox challenge requires some more awareness and knowledge than other days. So hence a longer post and longer instructions in preparation for decluttering and detoxing your kitchen…

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Day 4 – Declutter your kitchen.

Here are some of the dangers lurking in your kitchen:

BPA in plastics (companies are starting to catch on and offer BPA-free versions. But to me they are still plastic! At the start of this year I went on an adventure trawling through the opp shops and cheap shops for funky mismatched jars to hold all my nuts, seeds, fermented brews, detox waters, picnic packs, etc. in. If you do store foods in plastic, definitely do not heat the food in the microwave and make sure you remove any cling wrap before you heat it)

Teflon in your non-stick pans (if you were to cook with these pans while your pet bird was in the kitchen keeping you company, don’t be surprised if he quits singing & falls off his perch dead. If they can kill a bird immediately, I wonder what cells they are slowly killing in your body over the years you use them? Or what cancerous cells they are growing in there?)

Toxins in your kitchen cleaning products. If you want to go natural just rely on a simple product like Dr Bonner’s sals or apple cider vinegar and lemon juice which will do everything, even your dishes. Or if you are rich (lucky you!) you can buy natural alternatives of each of your products. Spray disinfectants, hand antibacterial soaps and air fresheners are probably polluting your air, your body and your bench tops more than you’d like to know, as well as creating super-bugs that none of us will have immunity to in the future. AVOID everything labelled antibacterial (unless you work in a hospital you don’t need it!!!), soap and water has been shown to cleanse you of enough bugs without having to resort to disinfectants.

Vegetable and seed oils (if you do nothing else today PLEASE chuck out your canola oils, sunflower oils, soybean oils, etc. These are dangerous, highly-processed and often genetically-modified chemicals and are easily destroyed by light and heat, creating toxins that have no place in your body. Stick with olive oil for your cold foods and coconut oil to cook with – coconut oil has a higher smoke point and is safe to heat. If you see smoke rising from your oil in the pan chuck it out and start again because the oil molecules have been damaged and won’t do your gut any favours)

You might also like to use today to chuck out any packaged foods that will help you to prep for the Food Flush phase. Check the ingredients on the packages of the food in your cupboards and again use Google to decide whether to chuck them out or not. Packaged foods that I avoid have words such as soy (soy is highly processed and – except in tempeh or miso – cannot be digested well by our system), wheat & other flour products (gluten and highly processed flour products are no better than drinking a bottle of clag! Which we’ve all done as a youngster so don’t be too stressed if you have ingested a lot of flour products previously…you can reverse the damage with whole foods. Even wholemeal breads and pastas may not be healthy alternatives and most gluten-free versions have more junk than the wheat versions. GF does not automatically equal healthy), partially hydrogenated oils (trans fat – very dangerous and should NEVER be eaten. If you see this on a label please throw the package as far away from you as possible and run in the opposite direction. Ok, I guess you could probably just place it back on the shelf and calmly continue your shopping, but each to their own), margarine (insects will stay right away from a tub of marg if you leave the lid off…that’s enough proof for me! THIS IS NOT A FOOD), corn products (corn is one of the most highly genetically-modified products you can get!), artificial sweeteners (e.g. NutraSweet, Splenda, Equal, high-fructose corn syrup or any diet or sugar-free food and drink options. Go for maple syrup, honey, stevia instead and choose full-fat options not low-fat options), artificial colours and preservatives (Google how to create natural colourings for celebrations like birthdays otherwise stick with whole foods that have their own beautiful bright colours!), monosodium glutamate (MSG: in most packaged foods! Can sneak in under the seemingly harmless labels like vegetable protein! Check out Paula Tazzyman’s website and ebook for more information on additives), sugar (comes under many names, again Goggle is your friend. Sugar is your enemy). I am also dairy-free because of a chronic health condition, but many nutritionists will tell you that a lot of us are dairy intolerant and that we were never meant to eat cow products long-term. If you can do without it, it is worth considering, especially because the calcium is not readily absorbable in dairy products, whereas green leafy vegetables have everything you need for your body to absorb the calcium all in a small leaf!

To be safe just stick with non-packaged whole foods as the majority of your choices because label scrutiny may just give you a headache!

With our cleanse I would be encouraging you to drink more water to move toxins through the body. BUT! Our water is also full of nasties. Get a water filter for your bench to filter out some of the junk. You can buy them for reasonable prices at the supermarket. Buying bottled water is an option if it is bottled in glass.

Now I’m not suggesting that you get rid of all of these things today! Today is only about awareness. From now though it means that you can make the migration to natural products in a slow and subtle way, swapping a pan at a time, buying a glass jar or BPA-free plastic container each time you go to the supermarket, when you need a product make a better choice. Or you can go cold turkey and cleanse your whole kitchen of its toxins in one fell swoop.

This is a great summary of all the dangers lurking in your life: Slow Death by Rubber Duck

Stay Zen, Stay Healthful, Stay You

xx Laura-lou xx

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