Five Things Everyone Should Do More

Walk more
Everything is automated now. We take the lift to the third floor, the escalator in the shopping mall, email our work colleague in the next room, text our kids when dinner is ready, drive instead of ride, use video games and watch TV for hours and hours on our butts. I dare you to use ten minutes of your lunch break to walk as far as you can in that time. Each day. Even just a slow wander will do you wonders. It’s not about the pace, it’s about giving your spine a break. Walking can also be awesome for cleansing your mind and flushing your joints of toxic lymph fluid. Bonus.

Listen and converse moreĀ 
The increase in technology has meant a tragic decrease in conversation. Not “text conversation”, real conversation. Social commentators believe that the next generation of kidlets are going to lack the ability to speak to people appropriately. Nope, “what up u? Get 2 beach 5 mins we hanging” doesn’t count. We don’t even say hello or goodbye on text, just straight into our demands.

Behind the computer screen we don’t get the input we need to develop social awareness – no eye contact, no non-verbal cues like facial expression and body language, no reciprocal smiling (important developmental milestone). We miss out on the endorphin boost that we get when we are in physical contact with people. And importantly, we are upsetting our loved ones. One of my Facebook friends posted a status a while ago saying “(child) has asked us to ban Facebook until after he goes to bed so we won’t be on until later at night now”. The kid just wanted his parent’s undivided attention, not broken by an iPhone in between. It’s not an unusual story either, I know of many relationships that are strained by the darting eyes of a partner that keep slipping off their beloved’s face to check their Facebook or Twitter newsfeed. We are all guilty of this. Start screen-free time each day in your home. Switch off more.

Hug more
Oxytocin is released when we hug people. Oxytocin is an essential hormone in our body that results in building up trust and good feelings about others – which in turn make us feel safe and secure and happy. It is the “love” potion that makes us feel light and joyful. It reduces social fears and builds optimism and self-confidence. It has been considered as a natural pain reliever, anti-depressant, stress manager, and weightloss inducer. So yeah. Hug more.

Compliment moreĀ 
The more I give other people compliments, the more I get positive feedback from others. Winning! I try to compliment people on who they are rather than what they are wearing. It is easy to say “oh I love those shoes” but it means more to people when you say “I love how you always know the right words to say” or “you are always fun to be around”.

Eat more vegetables
Dr Terry Wahls healed herself from progressive MS to the point where she got out of her wheelchair and started to hike and bike ride and horse ride again. She eats nine cups of vegetables a day. Think of how you could be fueling your body for health and productivity if you increased your vegetable intake to even a few cups a day.

Oh and love more. Just because.

Big love from my little world to yours

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