Green Time or Screen Time?


My Man on ABC Conversations, Richard Fidler, has another brilliant interview for you.

If you are a parent (or any kind of human really) you need to listen to this. We are the first generation to raise youngsters with a shorter life expectancy. Our babies will die before us. I tell ya’ll to switch off the technology all the time but maybe someone else’s voice might be welcome for a change.

I’m super proud of some of you who are having regular WIFI-bans and screen-free times each week for your kids after my insistent nagging.

Cut Screen Time and increase Green Time. Please. Your kids will hate you for it because they don’t know what else to do, teach them to be little adventurers and they will be happier and healthier and love you for it.


My mum always jokes that I was climbing trees before I could walk. Apparently this is related to successful entrepreneurship and resilience. If your kid isn’t climbing trees (even tall trees that could break their legs – and teach them life lessons about perseverance and safety!), they are missing a vital developmental milestone.

Listen to the interview here:


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