low FODMAP carrot & ginger soup


So I got sick of the standard meat, veg & healthy fat every meal and wanted to shake things up. This little beauty is what resulted. It tastes amazing. And better yet, it is amazingly gut healing.

I’m on a low FODMAPs journey for a few months with a dash of sugar detox thrown in. Firstly to starve off some nasty bacteria in my bod (prob the result of a decade of endometriosis putting a massive toll on my GI system until I started to exhibit autoimmune symptoms. When the liver works so hard to rid the body of endo growing in all the wrong places it doesn’t have the capacity to remove the other environmental toxins that we take in. So things like BPA, pesticides, antibiotics, birth control pills, preservatives, damaged seed oils, gluten, refined sugar, cleaning chemicals & body care products are too toxic for the weakened system to handle until eventually it starts to attack itself. The gut cells – the housekeepers of the GI system – get damaged and the gut walls weaken and open up, allowing all sorts of negativity to erupt).

After starving off the nasty little buggers in my system, the diet will heal my damaged gut lining before I reintroduce good bacteria through probiotic whole foods & endo superfoods.

ps. I’m grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free & vegetable oil-free already…feel free to ask me why in the comments and I’ll probably rant a bit :)

So I’ve been eating various grass-fed meat (liver, turkey mince, lamb and kangaroo) & a heap of seafood (wild-caught salmon, scallops, oysters & prawns) with steamed veg (carrots, bok choy, green beans & parsley with pumpkin or sweet potato very occasionally) for most meals. Nori rolls with salmon, carrot, cucumber, parsley, celery & alfalfa sprouts for lunch and a thermos of healing bone broth throughout the day as well as lemon water. That’s it. Over and over again. A lot of it. You can check out my Instagram photos for all my meals @lauragreenpsychology. I’m using the FitDay app to make sure I’m getting enough micronutrients (your ABCs!) and keeping carbs at a low enough level to starve off the bacterial overgrowth.

The sugar cravings are intense. I can’t even describe it. That’s when they say you are doing the right thing, because the bad bacteria are so desperate for carbs that they urge you to eat everything your hubs has in the house that is vaguely sweet. But starve them I will dammit! Hubs has been entirely supportive and even smacked a piece of watermelon out of my hand last night. I looked at him with my best puppy dog eyes but he stood strong, all 6ft3 of him. I then proceeded to tell him haughtily that I only wanted to feel the texture of the watermelon in my fingers because I happen to think it feels funny. The slap of the sloppy fruit against the floor was comical but I swear I could’ve cried. Then I hugged him. And went to bed. Because if I can’t eat FODMAPs and can’t eat carbs then what else is there to do?

So the soup. I fried a heap of chopped carrots (maybe a bag full) in a tbsp of coconut oil and an inch of ginger. Added a few sticks of chopped celery and some parsley. Dunked two soup ladles full of chicken bone broth that I’d made for the week on top and poured in some filtered water until it was all covered. A sprinkle of wakame seaweed flakes finished it off. Bring to the boil, simmer for twenty mins or so. Let it cool then blend and serve.

I made the bone broth with a low FODMAP variation of the Balanced Bites recipe – chicken feet, necks, frames, all the good stuff! In a slow cooker full of filtered water. Add a couple of tbsp of sea salt or Himilayan salt, a carrot, some celery and parsley and leave cooking for 24 hours at least. This stuff is liquid gold for healing the body.

Ps. The whole leaky gut situation is common in autism, ADHD, and other childhood conditions and allergic reactions so it is worth checking out.


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