Pink SuperSmoothie because Pink is the New Green


Clean, raw eating using whole foods is a great way to start the day and clean out the digestive system ready for the oncoming onslaught of eating you have ahead of you. And what better way to do this than a yummy smoothie that takes minimal effort to make and minimal effort to digest? This SuperSmoothie is a brain-boosting, immunity-enhancing, skin and blood-buffing, mood-promoting, antioxidant super drink, making you glow inside and out.


Chia seeds

Almond Milk


Assorted greens: rocket lettuce, mizuna, tatsoi, arugula, broccolini


Macadamias and almonds


Add a handful of chia seeds.

Add a cup or so of almond milk to a blender. Almond milk can be high in sugar so you might like to make it yourself. I usually just use water, but I love the taste of almond milk so today’s smoothie was a nice treat. Coconut milk is a good alternative too.

Then add in a cup of frozen berries (raspberries today).


I grabbed a handful of assorted greens from the garden to add next. Add whatever greens you want (spinach, kale and celery are my go-to greens but the lettuces today were great!)


Break up one banana and chuck it in.


Sprinkle a couple of macadamia and almond nuts on the top.


Add some water if you want a thinner consistency.


If you see something in your vegetable patch that looks like this don’t grab it to add to your smoothie! I grabbed a handful and luckily my beautiful Mumma stopped me before it went into the cup…these are carrots!!! Well…you can’t see them from the top can you?! Rookie mistake…

SuperSmoothie Benefits

  • Easy to digest
  • Refreshing way to start the day
  • Metabolism may be increased by the phytonutrients in raspberries
  • Raspberries also act as anti-inflammatories
  • This smoothie is high in antioxidants with anti-cancer benefits
  • Macadamia nuts act as a brain booster, so are an awesome way to start your day!
  • Almonds help to build strong bones and teeth, and protect our arteries from damage
  • Tatsoi contains vitamin A – great for eyes and skin
  • Mizuna greens are packed with vitamin C, iron and folate – essentials for a healthy diet and enhancing the immune system
  • Arugula is also high in vitamin C, folate and vitamin K – great for the blood and healing the body
  • Broccolini contains a high amount of potassium – helping to maintain a healthy nervous system and optimal brain functioning
  • Bananas boost mood by warding off the chemicals rampant in depression. They protect against muscle tension, and counteract calcium loss. They strengthen the nervous system and reduce swelling in the body. They aid digestion and lower blood pressure. Basically, bananas are awesome!


Print this out to keep handy. Or you can download it to print the PDF here.

Keep slurping

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