Slow Roasted Herb-Encrusted Turkey Legs

I’m giving you this super simple recipe mostly to show you that amazing meals don’t have to difficult and don’t have to involve a heap of ingredients from packages. You don’t have to marinade meat in a river of sugar-laden, gluten-containing, cancer-causing bottled sauce to create an incredible aromatic taste. Use herbs and spices to create flavours not processed chemicals.

Just Eat Real Food.

Two large turkey legs
Handful of fresh oregano leaves and stalks
Four rosemary sprigs
Handful of tarragon leaves and stalks
Two large basil leaves and stalks
Handful of chopped fresh chives
Two cups of homemade bone broth
Himalayan or sea salt (not processed table salt)
Tsp of coriander powder
Tsp of ginger powder
Tsp of cumin powder
Quarter of a pumpkin
Tsp of cinnamon
Tsp of nutmeg
1 pak choy
Handful of green beans
Half a zucchini

1) Place the turkey legs in a slow cooker or large pot. Pour the bone broth over top. This will only cover the bottom of the turkey, if practical you should use a soup ladle to gather the broth from the bottom and tip it over the turkey every couple of hours to keep it moist.
2) Chop or break apart the fresh herbs and sprinkle over the turkey legs. Sprinkle the cumin, ginger and coriander powder over the top and add as much salt as desired.
3) Turn the slow cooker on low for at least six hours, periodically covering the turkey with the bone broth on the bottom of the slow cooker.
4) When the meat starts to come away from the bone slightly, add the legs and broth to a deep tray making sure the herbs and spices are still encrusted to the top. Bake in 180 degree oven for 40 more minutes or until the skin is crispy.
5) Steam pumpkin and then purée in blender with cinnamon and nutmeg.
6) Steam the green vegetables.
7) Serve and chow down in true caveman style, eating the turkey off the bone.

The vegetables I served were low FODMAP for gut health but you can serve any variety of veg that you tolerate well.


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