Ten Alternatives to Caffeine to Get You Through the Day


I’m not going to bust your balls about your morning coffee. You know the drill. You’ve read the studies about how coffee can increase your life expectancy because of antioxidants. You’ve ignored the studies about how coffee is creating inflammation in your body leading to fatigue, headaches, poor sleep, yadda yadda yadda. Whatever, you rely on it right?

You don’t have to. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. Coffee may be healthy but it may not be. So what can you substitute it for?

1. Coconut Water
Coconut water has a tonne of electrolytes. Gulping down this nutrient-dense drink gives you an instant boost of energy (if you hate coconut water just eat a teaspoon of coconut oil). Add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice for an extra buzz.

2. Rose Water
Throughout a whirlwind day I always take a moment to spritz my face with pure Rose Water when I realise I’m getting stressed or I’ve hit a low patch in my ultradian rhythm cycle (we have a max 90 minutes of productive energy in blocks throughout the day), it has never failed to pep me up. Never. You can drink the pure stuff too.

3. Diaphragm Breathing
This is the bomb. Stress and tiredness make us breathe shallowly breath into our lungs. This leads to a cycle of increased stress and tiredness because the body isn’t getting sufficient oxygen. Start your day with at least five deep belly breaths before you get out of bed. It’s more powerful than you think.

4. Lolly Jar…
…of fruit! I don’t eat a lot of fruit so it is a real buzz when I do. A jar of assorted berries is essential when I’m bunking down for a massive writing sesh on my computer.

5. Sun Gazing
Vitamin D is essential for building up melatonin, the hormone that send us blissfully off to sleep. If you don’t get your daily dose of 15 minutes sun, you won’t sleep well and you’ll need to rely on artificial stimulants to get going in the morning. Starting the day by allowing your skin to absorb the morning sun is really energising – get outside in your PJs and bury your bare toes in the grass.

6. Peppermint Tea
Stimulating and yummy. Don’t mind if I do!

7. Green Tea
High caffeine but really high antioxidant count. Start your day with a buzz but don’t drink this later in the day.

7. Wild Orange or Lime Essential Oil
Shake out a couple of drops of either of these stimulating essential oils into your palms and pat the sides of your neck. Not only do they smell great but they’ll absorb into your lymph nodes and give you a lift.

8. Beet Kvass Shots
Fermented beet juice is chock full of nutrients to get your motor started. It has a fizz to it that works as a stimulant and a digestive aid. Beet kvass shots should be a part of your daily health routine.

9. Liver Pills
As above. Liver from a grass-fed animal is the most nutrient-dense food you could eat. The B vitamins lead to a massive energy boost – if you eat liver then find yourself bouncing off the walls, you’ll know why. Have you ever noticed how coffee allows you to just get through the day. You aren’t thriving. Just surviving. Chop up some raw grassfed lamb’s liver into small chunks and freeze on a tray. Swallow one chunk a day whole if you can’t stomach the taste of cooked liver.

10. Kombucha
A fizzy fruity ferment that is fun and healthy. This probiotic is a must-try in place of your morning coffee. Try homemade because the packaged stuff may be full of more sugar than the stuff growing on your bench.

Bonus No. 11. Stretch. Duh. And “Jump for Joy”. These release endorphins that give you an energy boost. Exercise in the morning shits all over a morning caffeine hit. Yoga is perfect. A brisk walk in the morning sun while the birds sing is perfect. Jumping up and down like you did when you were a kid and something exciting happened is perfect. Your body loves that shit.

Maybe a coconut or homemade almond milk (the bought stuff is full of junk) hot drink with cacao or chai spices is a close enough substitute for you to start transitioning off coffee. I actually have nothing against coffee but everything against coffee as a crutch. If you depend upon it to wake you up then you’re in trouble. Coconut milk smoothie with some banana and greens?

I know this post was a waste of my keystrokes. You won’t give it up.








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