Turkey, Cranberry & Kale Superballs


I’m going to shout at you right now. THESE ARE INCREDIBLY YUMMY!!!! The turkey is great for boosting mood and staving of depression and anxiety, super food cranberries are great for urinary health, and kale is a supersalad.

Brown some onions (I use leek if onions can’t be tolerated), mix two organic eggs with some turkey mince, chop kale finely and add, then add the onion. Soak cranberries in boiling water from the kettle for 15 mins. Add to mince mixture. Roll into balls with a boccochini ball in the middle (additional surprise! Tastes amazeballs even without the cheese) and bake in oven.


I created this recipe from another one that used parsley instead of kale and chicken mince instead of turkey because turkey and kale are great for mental health :) sprinkle with sesame seeds for added nutrients and serve with a raw salad. No pesky dressings, you could drizzle some olive oil or Flaxseed oil over the salad but I mostly just go nudie (most dressings come with a massive sugar load and nasty preservatives!) Cook with coconut or avocado oil for added nutritional benefit.


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