Why I Did a Sugar Detox

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What were we talking about? Migraines. I don’t think we can talk about migraines without talking about sugar. So here goes. I only eat a small amount of natural sugar like maple syrup or dates in my diet (Never refined sugar. No, not even in moderation. Not on special occasions. Not “just this once”. Never.). This is important to control my autoimmunity but to be honest, even without a health condition sugar would be a non-negotiable for me. It has no place in the human body. For the last two months I have completely detoxed from sugar, even the natural stuff. Unfortunately, sugar is sugar to the little critters in my bod that feed off the stuff, and then kill off my good bacteria. Not a good situation.

I created some raw, GFDF, refined sugar-free cheesecakes for my sister’s baby shower using some raspberries, blueberries, a couple of dates and a tiny bit of Natvia natural sweetener. That was in the whole batch, not just a single serve. I tasted one Friday night. I didn’t want to serve up something yuck at the shower and since I never follow a recipe I had no idea what they would taste like. I also tasted a tiny bit of a raw cacao almond butter cup that I made for the shower.

I haven’t had a migraine in two months and in the middle of the night Friday I woke with a killer thump in my head that is still lingering Monday morning. I had my monthly massage Friday arvo, so my muscles were the softest they get. It was leading into the weekend so stress was also low. I have no doubt that the pain was directly triggered by the sugar.

I decided this year that I would knock these migraines on the head. I was experiencing a full-blown migraine every two weeks and a niggly headache for every day in between. I have too many exciting and important things to focus on without having a thud thud thud as my constant background. I tried everything. I have regular osteopathy. Weekly acupuncture with my Chinese med colleagues at RMIT Uni. I give myself a neck and shoulder massage with natural arnica before I go to bed every night. I use a foam roller every night when I get home from work. I walk and stretch and meditate. Every damn day. I do yoga sessions focused entirely on my tight neck and shoulders. I detoxed from gluten, dairy, refined sugar & seed oils. I detoxed from toxic chemicals in my body products and cleaning products. I don’t wear shoes whenever possible, to keep my spine in optimal alignment. I don’t sit in a chair or couch unless absolutely required. I stand or roll around on the floor instead. I swim in the ocean a few times each week, even in the thick of winter. I have an Epsom salts bath every night and a magnesium supp daily. I use magnesium oil as deodorant to further boost this tension-reducing nutrient. I googled common migraine triggers and avoided them. I don’t even drink coffee, never have.

After realising my health condition had caused a leaky gut and probably a candida bacterial overgrowth (think bad bugs over-ruling the good bugs) I embarked on a full sugar detox, cutting even starchy veg, to starve the bacteria that feed off sugar in the body. An awesome side-effect has been no more migraines. Avoiding sugar has been the only thing that has worked.

The destructive power of sugar is a lot worse than just the impacts you think it has on your weight. And it’s lurking in more places than you realise.

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Stay brave. Stay healthy.

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