Why Time-Machine Travel is Ruining Your Life


In this fast-paced modern world that we’ve found ourselves floundering around in, we spend a lot of time in our heads.

We spend time going over and over past mistakes. This is an important mechanism that our brains have developed to help us avoid the same mistakes again. You will not stop this mechanism, stop trying!

We spend time worrying about the future. This is super important too – we need to be able to plan and work towards goals and without a healthy does of panic about messing it up, we wouldn’t ever achieve anything of real significance. Nope, you will not stop this mechanism either.

But you can make sure that you spend a healthy amount of time in the present moment. This is where the real power lies. This is where you can find the most happiness and peace. This is where the beauty lives – the spaces between.

When we spend too much time in the past and present we can feel as if we are constantly in a Time Machine. Why in the world did I do that? Why did that happen to me, so unfair! What if I fail? How will I survive this? It’s over-whelming and distracting. We can spend so much time worrying about achieving our goals that we are never able to focus on the small steps we need to take to reach those goals!

The most important thing to remember is this: the journey is just as vital as the destination. If you wreck yourself getting to an awesome place, you will have nothing left in the tank to enjoy that awesome place. And before you know it, you’ll be whirring off to reach the next goal. Until you realise that your whole life has been one big race to a finish line that continues to move off into the distance. 

Enjoy the now. Right now!

Time to get out of your mind and back into real life.

I was sitting in my office yesterday and the most amazing lime green bird flittered into the tree in my backyard. I literally lost ten minutes just watching it bouncing amongst the ripening fruit. Meanwhile, the mountain of work I had to do just sat there blinking at me in confusion. Why are you not paying me attention? You know that I’ll just bigger and bigger the longer you leave me? You know that there are hundreds of people relying on you to help them right? What my work didn’t realise – but my little inner scientist sitting smugly in the back of my brain knew – was that my productivity would get a major kick up the butt just by indulging my little inner yogi for a few minutes. Mindfulness doesn’t just improve your health and your ability to respond calmly to crappy situations, just a few mindful minutes can allow you to concentrate and work more efficiently once you return to what you were doing.

To get out of your Time Machine and back into the Present Moment, try this Grounding Exercise.

Print the little Time Machine card and place it somewhere that it will act as a reminder, or carry it with you in your bag!

Luck and big love

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