Why You Don’t Need to Eat Less to Lose Weight


For the same amount of calories as a tiny meal of meat you can totally fill your stomach with good quality, nourishing foods – vegetables!

400 calories of a McDonald’s burger fills even less of your belly and less of your plate! You may feel like you are doing a good thing for your body by putting that small half of the burger in because it’s only a little bit of food but your body will be sending you signals that it isn’t full and it certainly hasn’t got the nutrients it needs to function so it’ll urge you to keep shovelling food in. If you don’t put more nourishing foods in at this point it will then freak out and go into survival mode, holding onto all the food you put in and storing it instead of burning it because it thinks there is a famine and it is being starved.

You don’t have to eat less and control your portions, add more vegetables to your diet and you’ll crowd out the other junk like grains because there won’t be any room in your tummy left!

Psychologically, this is a very effective and sustainable technique because you don’t feel deprived and you aren’t forcing yourself to avoid a certain food – you just don’t have room to eat it!!

This is a very simplified image and some suggest that meat satiates more than vegetables so it is misleading. It is important to add healthy fats to your vegetables and serve them with some meat (at least occasionally!) to get the vitamins that are only bio available in animal products. Olive oil, avo oil or macadamia oil are great for on top of vegetables but only when cold as the heat makes these oils toxic. Butter from a good source may be okay for some people but a (scarily) high proportion of the population does not digest the proteins in dairy and they are a gluten cross-reactor for some people.

I usually put animal fat on my vegetables, which is amazing for satiety. And coconut oil and avocado are great sources of fat to add (coconut oil can be safely heated).

Although the image is very simplified it is important for showing people that they shouldn’t control their portion size to the point of starving themselves for weight loss because even if the small bit of meat did satiate them it would leave them severely micronutrient deficient.

Now none of this will matter for weight loss unless you manage your stress, you could eat like a certified health but but if you don’t reduce your stress your body will stay in survival mode and hang onto that extra weight for dear life. So join us on the 30 day Tuja Wellness meditation challenge. It’s FREE! Sign up with your email and you’ll receive the daily meditation link in your inbox…it’s that simple.


Stomach image from thisamericanbite.com

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