Dream Big Little Dreamers

You may feel very insignificant in this big world but one person can make a big difference. You may be little compared to the trees or buildings or mountains that surround you but just remember that you may have the power to cut down those trees, build those buildings or climb those mountains. These can be constructive or destructive dreams. Dream always, but allow your values to shape your dreams. Don’t allow others to stomp on your dreams, remember that they are also little people in a big world and they won’t be able to squish your big dreams under their little feet! In this technological world there is always a way…Google a course. Connect with someone online who could shove the door open enough for you to get your little foot in. Create a digital footprint and strong online presence by utilising a website, every social media platform that exists, YouTube, a blog…share your ideas until someone else is interested in them too. Find a way.

Keep dreaming,


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