Mindful Minutes. Steal Some Today.

Ten Quick Mindfulness Tips

Dance in the rain
Woman Wearing White Boots

Tickle your toes in the grass
Rear view of a teenager girl standing in a field of tall grass

Visit the beach so often that the ocean runs through your veins
footsteps 02

Smile at rainbows

Rise to see the sun kiss the horizon at dawn

Feel the warmth of your shower on your skin and then let the cold water run for a second before you get out, enjoying the surprise of the cool water
Young Woman Washing Face

Grab the sun with two hands when you stretch up as you walk to your car ready to start the day. Throw your bad energy out through your fingertips as you drop your hands down and feel energised as you walk the rest of the way to the car
Woman with Arms in the Air

Bounce as you walk or walk on your tiptoes like you did when excitement took you as a child. Jump on a swing. Rocking creates calm. Find your inner child
Girl Running

Make an intention for each day (to be loving, kind, reliable) and then rate whether you achieved it before you succumb to sleep at night

Mindful chores: Feel the tingles in your skin as the hot water soaks you and your dishes
Hands Under a Running Faucet

Mindfulness teaches you that peace is not a place but a way to experience your world, that you can find it among chaos if you so choose to.

Be peaceful,


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