Set a Daily Intention


Set a daily intention and get your family members to do the same. Make this part of your routine; when you stretch your limbs in bed as you wake, when you all sit in the kitchen for breakfast, when you walk to your car to drive to work or school, as a family when you are driving your kids to school, when you stretch up to the sun to welcome in the day, as you stand under the shower. Simply take one second of your time to imagine the value you wish to embody that day, or say it aloud, or in your mind in a statement such as “Today I will be loving and reliable”. If you do this as a group, you may like to brainstorm a variety of actions that would represent this value, “I will greet all of my family members with eye contact and a smile tonight when I get home.”

Use the values list in the link below to create a small set of values that are important to you. Choosing three to five values from this list will make it easier and more automatic to engage in this practice daily. When you act and react throughout your day, your subconscious will attempt to shape your behaviour according to your values rather than your emotions and thoughts, which can be oftentimes very persuasive and not so helpful! To add some accountability and therefore optimise this daily practice, rate how much you acted in this way on a scale of zero to ten. Jot this down in your journal before you succumb to sleep each night or acknowledge it in your mind. I was kind today, I acted kindly by helping Charlie with his work…OR… I will have to try harder to be kind tomorrow, it lacked a bit today!

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