Proud Mummy Moment with my Nappy Free Babe


Babes and I went into work this morning. I work in an aboriginal co-op so as soon as we walk in my little Koorie is carried off into the arms of all her community who goo and gah over her infinite gorgeousness. And mummy gets some hands free work done.

Now, my babe is nappy free. But I don’t usually push the limits if she is with other people in public. But today I was going to pop her itty bitty bare butt into the hugabub sling straight after work and walk to her nanny’s. She doesn’t wee in the baby carrier so we always go commando. Her and a cute pair of purple leggings under a white lace dress disappeared down the corridor as I settled into business.

The little money-maker in my brain was pedal to the metal. All I could hear was the tapping of my computer keys and vaguely I noticed my happy baby gurgling in the conference room but I didn’t register it. It was all just white noise. Until. Suddenly the little mummy in my brain knocked politely on my office door. We call this Mother’s Intuition. Then I heard a slight change in her gurgles. No one else noticed. Rah rah rah araaaaah in her husky little voice (smoker in her past life? Weird). The other gurgles were “Hey you are funny. Oh that tickles! What’s that? That tickles! Ohhhh over there! What’s that? What’s that? And that? I like you. This is fun. Don’t do that. Oh that’s fun.” But this one was… “Mum”.

I jumped up and went to find my little pumpkin. She saw me come in the room and her hands reached, her little fingers squeezing in and out.

Did you know that babies can hold on? Crazy notion. She knew if she called I’d come.

We hot-footed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I whispered psssst in her ear and listened to the satisfying sound of her twinkling wee and the giggle that always follows. (This is why I know she’s not being “forced” to toilet train. No pressure on her or me.) Another nappy saved. Another uncomfortable wet butt saved.


She is great with other people. She will go to just about anyone she knows and I can leave the room without her fussing. Until she needs me. I guess it is the same as if I went to China with a translator. I would go and explore a bit with the other tourists while my translator patiently waits on the sidelines, then I would call out to him when I need to The other tourists are great but my translator is the only one that can get my needs met. He orders my food for me, shows me which toilet door says “female”, and tells the taxi which address to go to when I need to go to sleep.

That’s why Attachment Parenting is so precious. It gives a baby the confidence to explore the world knowing that their mum will be there to bundle them up when the person holding them misunderstands. Critics say that it creates an unhealthy dependence on their parents. I say poop. (I love talking about poop).

Accidentally peeing on my colleague was not on the agenda today. Another win for elimination communication.

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