Wee on the Floor and Other EC Adventures

So this just happened. Daddy was cutting up freshly caught fish in the kitchen. Gilly was snug on my chest and just as always when we baby-wear, she was learning everything we were doing because she was right there watching.


She learnt how to fillet a fish and how to make fish bone broth from scratch to fill her little belly with super nourishing food.

This is a fish Gill! And her arms would flap in excitement. Ah, babies.

But then she grizzled a little and arched her back. I knew she was warning me she wanted to wee. So I trotted off to the bathroom and held her bare butt over the sink. She squealed and then arched her back again. So I said okay bub that’s enough then.

Gilly has FOMO real bad. If she thinks something fun is happening she will protest until she is involved. That’s why she always wakes when we are eating and has been sitting up in a high chair at the table since she was 3 months old for all our meals even though she won’t eat until she is 6 months old.

So as soon as I got back to the kitchen where the action was, she was happily flapping her hands around again and gurgling “oh, oh, ohhhhhh”.

And as soon as we got back to the kitchen Daddy said “Mum she’s weeing on the floor”, as casual as if we were discussing what to cook for dinner. I felt the trickle down my leg and heard the splatter across the floor and threw my head back and laughed as it soaked through the footy Guernsey I was wearing, “bubba we were just at the toilet! Lucky we are wearing Daddy’s top!” I said as I snuggled her in tight. No frustration, no shaming, no consequences.

We never force, coerce, encourage or bribe her to use the potty. That’s why EC is not potty training. There is no harm to this method and no way of failing. If she tells me she doesn’t want to use the toilet, even when mummy knows she does, we leave straight away. A wee on the floor is wiped clean as easy as a potty is emptied, no big deal.

On the days that everything feels like a big deal, she wears nappies. Anyone who says EC is too difficult isn’t understanding the philosophy of it, even if you only hold a baby out (our grandmas used to have a few sheets of newspaper on the floor next to the change table!) to give them a chance to wee when you change their nappy that’s EC!

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