Footprints by Nature – Accessories for Glummies


Ah, I love my Footprints by Nature necklace sooooo freaking much.

Like how hard is it to actually look (read: feel) pretty now that you’ve had a baby and you may leave the house with a poop-stained foot and you can’t wear anything the baby might choke on and your clothes all have to be whip-a-boob-out-quick-smart-you-yummy-mummy friendly and Oh My God this baby is ruining my style?

Hence, Glummies – mummies that try to stay glam. It has a horrible ring to it, like you shot for glam and scored glum instead.

But these. Oh these. They are saviours of fashion and purpose. You need these in your newly mummified life (by mummified I don’t mean your life has been buried alive under rolls and rolls of white cloth to preserve its form for such a time when it can be born again. Kinda).

imageThis is a snap of our Little One chomping on my footprints on the plane. I was dreading the flight. I’d created an imaginary nightmare of bursting eardrums, earsplitting screaming, and filthy looks from judgemental fellow passengers. I tried to keep Gilly asleep but when she woke she happily played with my necklace and disrupted no one. No one people! Her ears equalised from the chewing motion of her jaw and all we heard was “oh what a happy baby” instead of “throw that baby off the plane right now for everyone’s sanity!”

Footprints keep her amused while feeding (the only thing I have to say about a nipple stretched to infinity when a baby notices something interesting and pulls their precious head back to look with a gob still full of boobie is…YOWCH) and they are made from natural materials safe for babe to chew on.

They are allergy-free and well, stunning. That’s important. You know, to offset the spew in your hair that you’re getting around to washing. Sometime in that crazy place known as “the near future” which spans from now until your baby finally goes to school and your days become your own again. And when you’re blitzing out the front door to baby rhyme time, story time, playgroup, mothers group, wax appointment (jokes! We rock the jungle look now don’t we? Don’t we? DON’T WE?) and you forget to put on pants again no one will notice your bare butt if you’re wearing an eye catching footprints piece.

And obviously, teething.

Also, these. LOVE. Because plastics are so nasty and our babies are putting them in their mouths…





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